Compressed Air Oil Content Monitoring

Compressed Air Oil content monitoring is important and critical to many industries in applications such as:

Pharmaceutical Applications
Monitoring Compliance for Compressed Air Oil Content quality to ISO 8573.1-C

  •  Fermentation: Healthy bacteria, no product contamination
  •  Aeration: Higher quality products
  •  Tablet production: Increased purity
  •  Packaging and bottling: Lower rejection rate
  •  Automated production lines: Reduced possibility of contamination

Pulp & Paper Applications

  • Nothing less than 100% oil-free air will be acceptable in fine-grade paper manufacturing
  • Paper mills use compressed air for instrumentation, paper machine operations, cleaning, and general plant air needs.

Petroleum Refining Applications

  • Catalyst Regeneration
  • Instrument Air
  • Process Air

Petrochemical Applications

  •  Air separation: Lower costs, purer gases
  •  Fermentation: Healthy bacteria, no product contamination
  •  Control systems: Smoother functioning, pure end products
  •  Aeration: Higher quality processes and products
  •  Hazardous processes: Increased safety and security
  •  PET production: Enhanced product quality, safer processes
  •  Pneumatic transport: Prevents defects and pipe clogging, increases safety

Oil & Gas Applications

  •  Hazardous processes: Increased safety and security
  •  Control / Instrument air: Increase uptime, lower costs
  •  Nitrogen generation: Purer gas, less downtime
  •  Buffer air: Prevents main process/gas compressors from shutting down
  •  First-generation drives and controls: Assures trouble free equipment operation, of any age.
  •  Process operation
  •  Calibration and test equipment: Prevents contamination and faulty readings

Offshore Applications

  • Compressed air is used primarily for cleaning pipes, dehydration, pressure-testing pipes and instrument-air applications (such as operating valves).

Power Plant Applications

  • Natural Gas-Fired
  • Nuclear
  • Cogeneration

Textile Applications

  • Air-jet weaving: Less downtime, reduced replacement costs, fewer rejections
  • Air-jet spinning: Smoother production, less maintenance, fewer rejections
  • Pneumatic transport: Prevents instrument damage and pipe clogging, increases safety
  • Texturizing: Less production stoppage, better quality yarn

Winery Industry

  • Air supply for bladder press during grape pressing Supply oxygen to bacteria during fermentation to produce wine
  • Control the valves and actuators in automated lines for
  • Filling, packaging and bottling
  • Cleaning bottles, packages and moulds prior to filling
  • Using in filling and capping machines

Food & Beverage Applications
Monitoring Compliance for Compressed Air Oil Content quality to ISO 8573.1-C

  • Automation/instrument air: Prevents jamming and contamination
  • Transportation: Maintains powder purity
  • Cleaning air: Eliminates risk of inferior products through contamination
  • Air blowing/aeration: Prevents losses due to impure air
  • Fermentation: Ensures healthy bacteria, no product contamination
  • Food storage: Avoids losses of stored foods
  • Cooling and spraying: Clean air reduces product rejections
  • Filling and capping: Guarantees product purity
  • Other uses: Protects your reputation for quality

Bottling Applications

  • Essential resource in PET packaging.
  • PET High Pressure Unit

Automotive Industry Applications

  • Spray painting: higher quality finish
  • Paint baths: better adhesion
  • Clean surfaces: ensures paint adhesion and corrosion resistance
  • Water based paints: silicone-free painting
  • Robots: trouble-free operation
  • Pneumatic tools: clean air for better health

Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing Applications

  • Control systems: Smoother processes, fewer rejections
  • Cleaning: Reduced end product failure rate
  • Direct production: Fewer defects and rejections
  • Nitrogen for soldering: Pure gas for high product quality


  • TFT / LCD screen manufacturing
  • Memory device manufacturing
  • Optical storage devices (CD, CD/RW, DVD, DVD/RW)
  • Hard disk manufacturing
  • CDA systems for electronics manufacturing
  • Home White Appliances