Compressed Air Flow

Why is consumption measurement so important?

Compressed Air is not Free!

Example:Medium-sized production plant

Company size 200 employees
Typical compressor  capacity 16m3/min=960m3/h
Efficiency factor  80% including night – idling
Electrical power input 100 kW
Daily operation time 2 shift operation / 16 h
Annual operation time 276 days = 4416 h
Energy costs 4416 h x 80 kW x €0,21 € 74.000  =US$ 110.000
Leakages approx. 20 to 30% of the total consumption, this is typical for old plants approx. 15.000 € = 22.500 US$

We offer compressed air metering systems that can:

Measure exact consumption, give you weekly or monthly read outs for cost accounting and employee information.

Determine peak consumption so that you know whether your compressor supply enough air or whether you have to expect bottle-necks

Determine each pneumatic device consumption as well as diagnose if the tubes have the right diameter, if the machine is optimally adjusted, and identify wear & tear trend of machines.

Assist you in cost accounting per department or large machine.

Improve cost calculations and cost consciousness.

Assist you in leakage detection

Monitor air-consumption during non production times to identify increasing leakage of air.

There are different models to select from in-line and on-line methods of installation.